The Alpha prototype of the RazerLift officially does stuff! See video below…

Now the disclaimers. The electronics haven’t been hooked up properly yet, so it needs to be operated “manually” for the time being, though I am told that will change in the coming days. Furthermore, one part has been discovered to be undersized, so some slight modifications need to be made; again, within the next few days. This is prototyping, after all; if everything worked properly the first time we would skip straight to production. The hiccups at this point are, in the grander scheme, pretty minor.

So some changes need to be made and then thorough electrical and mechanical load testing is the next step.

But it works!

This is a pretty thrilling day for me. There is still lots of work to be done, but this video is evidence of an unimaginable amount of work that is already behind us. I cannot thank the folks at Tangent Engineering enough for helping this day arrive.

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