It’s here. The RazerLift is now operational on my vehicle. See video below.

That’s my 11-year-old son operating it. He’s tall for his age, but it still gives you an idea of just how easily accessible the cargo will be. Whatever cargo you want on there; bikes, ladders, kayaks, skis / snowboards. The list goes on.

It’s been about seven years of dreaming, conceptualizing, designing, redesigning, prototyping, upgrading prototypes, banging my head against the table and bringing better qualified people onboard to do what I cannot, but here it is! What started out as “wouldn’t it be nice if…” is now, “it certainly is nice that…”

The are few moments in life as magnificent as this; when hard work becomes something.

So now what? Testing for several months and then design refinement. We’ve already found a number of snags. Nothing catastrophic, but it does mean we cannot put our feet up and break out the champagne just yet.

After that, Beta demo units and further field testing, which will be opened up to the public. Contact me if you want to test drive a Beta demo unit (or invest, or become an installer, etc). After Beta testing, make any necessary final tweaks to the design, and then…

Product Launch!

It’s coming, folks. We’re not quite there yet, but today we reached a massive milestone.

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