Most of the people I talk to about the RazerLift have one of two reactions. Many people can intuitively see the benefits, and acknowledge that the RazerLift would make life a lot better, but “it’s not for me.” The other group tends to immediately see the personal benefits and they want to get in line. Like, right now!

I’ve had two such incidents this week that really reiterate the enthusiasm of that second crowd. I’ve changed some details to protect privacy, but here are those stories.

Somebody in our community noticed my vehicle with the RazerLift logos on the side, went home to check out the website, and became very excited. The next time we happened to arrive at the same destination, he came up to me and started asking about it. He explained that he works in the trades, so he has to deal with the challenge of handling ladders on a regular basis. He wanted to know more information about pre-ordering a RazerLift and also about potentially investing. It was strange having somebody seek me out to discuss it after seeing the website.

And just this afternoon I had another incident which really knocked my socks off. As I was driving on a major road, another vehicle came up beside me. It’s one of those work trucks with a very tall canopy on the back. The driver had his window down and he started asking questions while we were both still moving! We pulled over and I demoed the unit for him. Then he demoed their existing ladder-rack drop down technology. While demoing, he went on at great lengths about how much of a pain it is, and how he and the other guys he works with have been looking for a better solution. And it would be nice to have something on both sides of the vehicle. And so on.

By the end of the conversation he was selling me on the merits of the company he works for! They are a forward thinking company that specializes in innovation. And did I know just how massive the service industry is? He reminded me that it’s huge!

Finally have some #razerlift decals on the vehicle. #styling!

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That is the first time anybody has asked me to pull over while driving just so they can learn about the RazerLift. So far I have just had people driving close and try to figure out what exactly that thing on my roof is!

By the way, if you like the signage on my vehicle, it was installed by HotLines Signs & Designs (587-352-5330). Mike was very helpful.

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