Most people I talk to about the RazerLift immediately grasp the improved convenience, whether they see it in person, or just in a video. What we may not immediately recognize is that the RazerLift does not merely reduce an inconvenience in our lives, it actually reduces the risk of injury.

And that’s not just my uninformed (and probably biased) opinion.

Aaron Nardella is a Chiropractor with Balanced Health in Calgary. He is not only trained in the field, but has extensive experience working with people from all walks of life; weekend warriors and trades people right up to Olympic athletes.

When he examined the RazerLift he observed that there were (broadly speaking) two ergonomic benefits of the RazerLift over traditional roof-top cargo management solutions. The most obvious benefit is the fact that the cargo is lower; whatever lifting is involved with the RazerLift is significantly less than roof-top cargo. But there is a second benefit not everybody might think about at first. While lifting an object overhead is difficult enough, the combination of lifting and leaning forward while you do so is much worse.

Lifting and leaning is an inevitable combination when accessing cargo from the roof of a vehicle, as shown in the picture. But with the RazerLift the lifting is significantly reduced and the leaning is virtually eliminated. You are able to position your feet more or less directly beneath the weight of the cargo while loading and unloading, and positioning your feet in line with the cargo puts far less strain on your back and shoulders.

Describing the RazerLift, Doctor Nardella writes,

The ability to manipulate the cargo without significant leaning will greatly reduce stress on the user’s low back and shoulders.

He summarizes his assessment of the RazerLift as follows.

I am very familiar with back and shoulder injuries, having treated many of them during my career. I believe the RazerLift will help reduce the likelihood of such injuries for all users and I enthusiastically endorse it.

So whether your cargo is a mountain bike or a ladder – whether for personal use or business – the RazerLift will help prevent injuries in your back and shoulders. Life has enough risks already, loading and unloading cargo shouldn’t be one of them. You can read the entire letter of endorsement at the link below.

Balanced Health letter of endorsement

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