So here’s an exciting development; we got in the news! Calgary Herald (and ran an article on the RazerLift. It was in the Herald in the Friday, March 25 edition on page DR2.

Or, you can read it at the website at the link below.

On the Road: Razerlift makes loading cargo easy

Plus, I’ve been getting more very positive feedback from the general public. Last Thursday I was showing the RazerLift to some gentlemen who were interested in what I was doing and could possibly help out. I was parked in Kensington, along the main street. As the RazerLift was swinging over from the roof to the side, some guys in a car on the street (waiting for the traffic light to turn green) rolled down the window and told me, “you just sold two!” Clearly they were excited.

Then, another fellow parked his car behind mine and got out. The two other gentlemen and I got into a good conversation with him about the¬†market for the RazerLift, how useful it would be as safety device and so on. His feedback confirmed a lot of the conclusions we’ve come to about the RazerLift.

And after the Herald article ran I’ve had some emails asking questions and describing some of the problems people have with current cargo solutions. Apparently I’ve, “solved that problem.” Another fellow told me the RazerLift is, “a perfect solution to my problems.”

Or, more succinctly, “This looks awesome!”

I agree, but I’m probably a little biased.

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