Lots of people I talk to are very excited about the RazerLift and how it will positively impact their lives. But what’s really nice is when the excitement is captured by some media outlet or industry insider.

Two more such sources have offered their assessment of the RazerLift.

Bow Cycle is a pretty big bike shop in Calgary that’s been around for a very long time. In a recent blog article – “Great inventions do come from Calgary” – the RazerLift is lumped in with other great Calgary-based innovations like the Chariot Carrier. That is high praise indeed.

Gizmag saw our IndieGoGo campaign and approached us to do an article on the RazerLift. The article is balanced, both pointing out what the author believes could be challenges and drawbacks of the RazerLift and also its plentiful benefits, including the author’s assessment that, “we think he might have found a level of user-friendliness that others have not.”

So what did Gizmag see as drawbacks or problems?

  • Are all those moving parts likely to stand up to environmental challenges? A perfectly valid and reasonable question. All I can say is Tangent Engineering has a track record of working on products designed to withstand many of the same environmental challenges as the RazerLift. This isn’t their first rodeo. I’ve driven the prototype through snow, rain and freezing rain. I’ve used a high power spray washer on it numerous times. It has never failed me yet.
  • The author highlights the electrical installation; not necessarily a problem, but something “worth noting.” Some people have resisted the idea of a cargo carrying product that requires an electrical installation. But many people I’ve spoken to understand that the existing solutions lack the same user-friendliness precisely because the industry has done everything it can to “keep it simple.” Sometimes simple (like nothing more than two bars spanning your roof) is just not all that helpful. The electrical installation is seen by many as a small price to pay for years of reduced strain on your back and shoulders.

The RazerLift may not be for everybody, but many people are very excited about this addition to the market.

So word is spreading. News is getting out that a better way is coming. And thank you to all the readers who have helped spread the news.

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