We built two alpha prototypes of the RazerLift. One was mounted on my vehicle and the second remained at Tangent’s shop. After reading the article about the RazerLift at Driving.ca, a local Calgarian and his son contacted me. They were planning a road trip across much of North America and they wondered if they might take a RazerLift along with them.

Well, thanks to the hard work of the folks at Tangent (including some who volunteered to stay late!) The second alpha prototype is now mounted on their vehicle. Last I checked with them today they were just finishing up mounting the cargo box and starting to get things pack. Here’s a video of the slightly modified RazerLift lifting their two bikes.

And a photo of the almost-finished setup is below.

We had to modify the RazerLift a bit due to some inherent limitations of the prototype (which will be resolved in the production models) so the bikes had to be mounted pretty close to each other.

They will also be posting updates about their trip at their Facebook page. I’ll provide a link when I have it.

So if you live somewhere in the States and you’d like to see this thing in person, drop us a line and we’ll see if we can arrange that.

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