As the video below shows, the first Beta production unit is nearly ready for field testing, on an actual customer vehicle no less! These are very exciting times for us at Buller Engineered Products.

Some observations:

  • It deploys faster than the prototypes. The video was not sped up or altered in any way. I doubt anyone will complain about a quicker deployment.
  • This is the medium / high roof variant that rotates the cargo for extra reach. We will continue to offer the standard roof variant that keeps the cargo horizontal.
  • Work still needs to be done on the cargo accessories.
  • Notice how the cargo is not limited to a single ladder!

It has been exciting to facilitate the development of the technology from prototypes to production units. Now real world customers are getting involved! We will have more exciting photos to share in the coming months as the Beta units undergo field testing on customer vehicles prior to product launch.

The unit wasn’t quite ready for the Work Truck Show, but if you happen to be at the show, visit us at booth 5640. Bruce Wiebe of Solid Rock Solutions is overseeing the sales and marketing of the RazerLift, so drop by and say hello. The Alpha prototype is there, so Bruce can give you a demo of that.