Hank’s Plumbing is just about ready to take Beta field testing to the next stage. Yours truly just spent the morning putting the finishing touches on their unit. A clearer picture of how they chose to configure their unit is below.

As the photo shows, this is a one-sided RazerLift, with the unit mounted on the passenger side of the vehicle so that loading and unloading will take place out of traffic. They anticipate only mounting a single ladder, so the other photos you may have seen of the RazerLift with two ladders (such as the photos at this Driving.ca article) was just for demo purposes.

With this one-sided configuration, the driver’s side of the roof is wide open to accommodate other cargo. We rigged up an assembly to handle multiple conduit tube containers. The containers themselves will be installed by the folks at Hank’s after they decide how many containers, what diameter, how long and so on; we simply provided a platform for mounting. The container in the picture is for illustration purposes.

The unit has already seen many km of driving and operation as Hank’s Plumbing was gracious enough to let us borrow it for several weeks to test and show it off to other industry contacts. Now that they have finished upfitting the unit they will begin the real field world testing in the very near future.

We have parts on order for an additional 11 units which we hope to have on customer vehicles in about a month. All twelve test units are spoken for. After the Beta test phase is complete – around late summer – we will put the finishing touches on the design and start fulfilling orders for units this Fall. To secure your spot in line, request a quote.

Exciting times!