So here’s an exciting development; we have a company van, and one of the dozen early-production RazerLifts has been successfully installed on it. Here’s a quick video.

Bruce (our sales guy) is testing it out. Folks in Calgary can expect to see him more often in the coming months as he showcases the RazerLift to local businesses.

A special thanks to Neal Hare at Universal Ford for hooking us up with a great mid-roof Ford Transit, and the folks at Calgary Fleet Outfitters for taking care of the professional installation. Looks great!

Next steps:

  • Get the ladders mounted on the RazerLift
  • Get fancy decals all over the van
  • Show it off!

Of the 12 Beta units we manufactured, over half are undergoing real-world (and shop) testing. The rest have been spoken for and are awaiting installation, so if you want one you’ll need to get in line for our December launch.