You may have seen the previous video link from one of our Beta testers in which he shows how he secured a canoe to his RazerLift. He continues to customize his unit, and has now successfully mounted TWO canoes to his RazerLift. Here’s a video of his unit in action:

When we set out to develop the RazerLift, one of the key features it had to have was cargo flexibility. It is not a “bike rack”, or a “canoe rack”. It is not even a “ladder rack”.

The RazerLift is a “what-do-you-need-to-transport rack”. It is cargo agnostic. It offers the greatest cargo flexibility on the market; and the only push-button cargo access. Virtually any typical roof-top cargo (and even cargo not typically stored on a vehicle roof) can be accommodated by the RazerLift.

So, what do you want to transport?