We’ve been enjoying showcasing the wide range of applications for the RazerLift – and the ergonomic superiority – by creating a series of videos. This is not just a “ladder rack”. Here are a few of those videos, in case you haven’t already seen them.

This one compares the RazerLift to other another standard drop-down ladder rack on the market. So much easier and quicker to just press a button than to manually activate the lever to lower the ladder.

One of our Beta testers created a jig to mount a couple of canoes to his RazerLift. Too bad it’s winter; I guess he’ll have to wait until next year.

I took a little time to demonstrate how the RazerLift can accommodate BOTH ladders AND a conduit tube container on the same unit, expanding the capacity for many of our customers. We will ship new units with an accessory that can be used for either two ladders or a conduit tube container. Order a second set of those accessories if you’d like to mount both types of cargo on the same side.

We created the most versatile cargo management system on the market today; and the only powered and automated one. The safety advantages of not having to lift cargo to the roof of a vehicle, nor climb on top of a vehicle, are second to none. And the cargo agnostic nature of the RazerLift lends itself well to being utilized in all sorts of capacities.

Furthermore, we designed it to easily mount to just about any commercial vehicle, including both vans and truck canopies. The market is shifting toward taller vehicles so employees don’t have to operate hunched over in their work vehicle, but the extra height puts roof-top cargo that much further out of reach.

Until now.

So, what will you lift on your industrial van / truck?