As an Engineer one of the most thrilling aspects of this project has been the product development; watching an idea turn into reality. However, I have to admit, the road trip we’ve been on has also been really exciting, even if I’m watching most of it remotely. My team has done all the travel so far, until last week when I flew to Houston for a few meetings.

Below are some pictures from Houston (and area).


We didn’t just hang out in Houston, we visited Galveston one afternoon. We were the crazy Canadians who were NOT wearing our jackets when it was a bone-chilling 12C (53F) outside. I even got a little tan. I may be pasty white in the photo, but less than an hour later I had a tan line by my shades!


On the way to Galveston we just had to stop at the Johnston Space Center. Cutting edge technology from yesteryear meets cutting edge technology from today!


I’m more Engineer than Artist, but I tried to snag some decent sunset photos of our van on the beach. I think this one turned out pretty well.

I flew down to Houston toward then end of January. Can you fathom my disappointment when I find frost on the windshield of my rental car the first morning that I’m there? Seriously; this is what every Canadian dreams of leaving behind when they travel to the Southern States in the winter time.

By the way, Denise booked me a VW Jetta for my driving around (Bruce needed the van). They were all out of Jettas, so I ended up with a free upgrade to a Dodge Challenger. That’s a very fun way to show up to a meeting!

In about a week Denise and I will both head down to the USA to transit the van from Houston to San Diego for more business meetings in California, looking for great photo opportunities along the way. If any readers of this blog have suggestions for sites to visit along the way, I’m all ears.