We have been putting our field test units of the RazerLift through its paces, both technically and commercially. Our fleet has seen weather as cold as -30C (-22F) in Canadian winter, and the heat, dust, sun and rain of the Southern States. We have also met with dozens of industry contacts along the way, showcasing the ergonomic and efficiency advantages of the RazerLift to the market.

Part of the test involved me driving the unit from Houston to San Diego. And so, on a blistery Canadian morning, my wife and I boarded a plane…

When we boarded the aircraft in Calgary the temperature outside was around -30C (-20F) and when we disembarked in Houston the temperature was around +20C (70F). That sort of temperature change within a few hours is somewhat surreal.

We picked up the van and drove straight to Corpus Christi for the night. Passing through thick fog along unfamiliar highways was a tad unnerving, but we got there. The next morning we dipped our feet in the Gulf of Mexico knowing – in just a few short days – we would be dipping our feet in the Pacific Ocean.

Along the way we met plenty of friendly Americans, saw some remarkable natural wonders, and put on a lot of mileage. Some of the highlights include:

  • Corpus Christi, the beach, and the USS Lexington.
  • Carlsbad caverns. There are no words to describe them; this must be on everyone’s bucket list.
  • Cloudcroft New Mexico, where the elevation is nearly 9,000ft above sea level. The temperature dropped to nearly freezing and there was snow on the ground. I could have sworn I saw a flurry or two while we were driving.
  • White sands dunes at sunset. Remarkable!
  • White sands missile testing range museum.
  • The lines of mountains spanning New Mexico and Arizona (even into California). Perfectly flat terrain leading up to the mountain, a quick drive up, a quick drive down, and then perfectly flat terrain on the other side of the mountain. Not what I’m used to!
  • The desert beauty (including amazing sunset) around Phoenix.
  • Within a span of a few hours driving along Interstate 8 going from below sea level in El Centro, California, to an elevation higher than Calgary – 4,181 ft above sea level – and continuing to drive all the way back down to sea level, in San Diego.
  • Balboa park in San Diego, including the SR-71 mounted outside the museum there. We didn’t have time to visit the museum; I think I missed out on a great museum.
  • Sunset at Coronado, and seafood dinner. For a prairie boy, sea food is a rare treat.
  • The air museum at Miramar base.
  • Waffles with whipped cream as part of the standard breakfast at nearly every hotel we stayed at!

Check out or social media for photos and some more commentary. And our road trip gallery.


On a personal note, when we visited Balboa Park in San Diego we spent hours walking around together. According to my FitBit I walked over 20,000 steps, and Denise was with me nearly the entire time. That means she also walked somewhere around 20,000 steps. Considering all the health issues she has faced in recent years, this represented a significant milestone in her continued recovery.

And it was great to not only see her recovering, but just to be able to spend that time with my wife again, not worrying about health issues. Just having fun!

No kids around!

Bruce picked up the van from us on Tuesday, February 12 and we were on a plane back to frigid Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Between Bruce and Doug the roadtrip continues in Southern California and beyond.

Next major stop; NTEA 2019! See you there (booth 143)