Like most advances in technology, the RazerLift was born out of frustration. Paul and his wife have two active kids who love to explore the world. Very few experiences in this life are more delightful than biking in the mountains with your kids, but very few experiences in this life are more annoying than transporting the bikes to and from the mountains. Or the Kayak. Or skis and snowboards. Or camping gear in a cargo box. Every existing technology seemed to provide either cargo flexibility (e.g., roof-top transportation) or cargo accessibility (e.g., trailer hitch transportation). No product on the market provided both.

Why do we have to choose between flexibility and accessibility? There had to be a better way.

Initial conceptualization of the patented RazerLift began around 2009. The very first model ever built was constructed out of Lego! Paul began designing a proof-of-concept prototype that he eventually built and tested in his garage. The proof-of-concept prototype exceeded expectations.

With the help of government funding (through Alberta Innovates Technology Futures), product development was moved out of Paul's garage and into the office of Tangent Engineering, an ISO certified product engineering firm. Alpha prototypes have been constructed and are being tested in the shop and in the field. The design will be refined as a result of shop and field testing, and Beta demo units will be available for sale in Spring or Summer of 2016. We expect to launch the RazerLift to market in the Fall of 2016.

A better way is on its way.

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