First production RazerLift

2018-07-02By Paul.BullerProduction

On Friday we reached another major milestone in our development; we shipped our first production unit from August Electronics. The photo below shows it loaded in the back of my vehicle.

Beta unit progress

2018-03-19By Paul.BullerUncategorized

I posted a video of the first Beta unit a couple of weeks back. It was rough, but it showed the basic functionality. Well, we have come a long way in just a couple of short weeks as the following video shows.

So close you can almost smell it

2018-02-08By Paul.BullerNews, Prototype, Publicity

The RazerLift journey has been long and winding, with many unexpected bumps in the road, but I am extremely thrilled to say we are so close to launching the product it hurts. Customers and upfitters have begun ordering Beta prototypes to be tested over the next few months. Once the product has been proven; game … Read More