The powered RazerLift is the next generation of recreational cargo management.

The fully automated system provides the best way to transport and access your bicycles, kayaks, canoes and other equipment, safely and securely, all with the press of a button.


  • Fully powered and automated.
  • 150 lb cargo capacity.
  • Handles all recreational equipment. Large cargo platform can accommodate multiple recreational products.
  • All lifting activity remains in the ergonomic green zone.
  • High strength aluminum alloy construction.
  • Single or double sided configurations available.
  • Designed and manufactured in North America, over 200,000 miles of testing in every kind of weather.
  • Easily installed on almost any RV conversion.
  • 5 Year, 5,000 cycle warranty.

bringing LIFE within reach

the Problem:

Loading and unloading your bike or other gear from the top of your vehicle puts you at risk of Musculoskeletal Injuries (MSI). 

“Lifting and handling materials above shoulder level, particularly for active, older people … adds unnecessary stress to the spine and back muscles.” 1

The Workman’s Compensation Board reports that “Bodily Reaction or Exertion” accounted for 46% of disabling injury claims in 2016. 2 

“Musculoskeletal injuries are the leading cause of compensable lost-time claims. 29.5% of all lost-time claims were due to these types of injuries, or about 200 every week of the year.” 

“Overexertion and overuse injuries don’t kill people, but they can have a devastating impact on their lives and their ability to do the things
they love.”3 


Are you risking your health and future activity by lifting your equipment by hand? Perhaps it’s time to use a RazerLift instead.

Below are a couple of examples of the old way of getting at your cargo.

the Solution: RazerLift

People involved in activities which force them to: lift an item that is too heavy, or lifting too often, or in awkward body postures are subject to musculoskeletal Injuries (MSIs). MSDs are a serious problem as they can increase the number of lost work days, increase insurance costs, and reduce quality [of life]. Improvements in allowing people to work within their physical limits will likely reduce injuries… Ergonomic improvements are often simple and obvious, such the use of simple lifting mechanisms [such as the RazerLift].

The powered and automated RazerLift lowers roof-top cargo alongside the vehicle, providing chest-level accessibility. No more overhead reaching! The RazerLift keeps the worker’s arms in the green zone, providing superior ergonomics and reducing the risk of injuries associated with overhead exertion and overexertion. 

Customer field testing has confirmed the safety advantage of the RazerLift. The risk of musculoskeletal injury associated with loading and unloading ladders from work vehicles has been significantly reduced.  

Tested across North America in weather conditions ranging from -40°F to +115°F, and made of high strength aluminum alloy, this innovative and unique product takes the strain so you don’t have to.